Sean Lougheed

Wolf Creek Public Schools

Director of Learning Services

As an educator, previous school administrator, district leader and now Director of Learning with Wolf Creek Public Schools, Sean brings almost 20 years of experience in Alberta classrooms. Throughout his experience, Sean has worked with many forms of teaching and learning models from face-to-face to digital video conferences where students have thrived. Sean’s deep knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy has allowed him to work with many teacher cohorts in developing strong educational practices around teaching and learning since the beginning days of projects like AISI and now in his district leadership role. Sean assists in leading the Learning Services team in Wolf Creek as they support school staff in their daily work with students. Sean is a husband, father and enjoys cooking outside of his daily work routine.

Speakers Session:

Leveraging Literacy and Numeracy Data

Education is truly “an Art and a Science”. Through experience, experimentation, mentorship and research, teachers strive to add to their instructional tool belts. One area that is often underutilized is the educational data sets that are available to educators. At the classroom level this information can be used to better target instruction, track student progression and uncover where additional supports may be needed. At the leadership level these same data sets can help to identify areas of needed support for staff, target professional development and plan holistically to better support all learners in our schools.

In this session we will explore the processes, tools and philosophies that Wolf Creek Public Schools utilizes with their educational data sets and the impact that this has had on learning in Wolf Creek.