Dr. John Burger

Practical Data Solutions, Inc.


John completed his M. Ed. Degree and Ph.D. at the University of Alberta.  John has worked as an assistant principal, principal, associate superintendent and Director in several Alberta school systems as well as 23 years in the Alberta Department of Education. He is also an Adjunct Assoc. Professor at the University of Calgary.   With 40+ years of experience in education John recently has transitioned to launching his company Practical Data Solutions, Inc. (PDS) with a primary objective of advancing action research on factors that affect student engagement with school.


Speakers Session:

Student Engagement as a Predictor of Mathematics

Friday, May 24 - 11:30 AM

Interest is rapidly growing in providing social-emotional learning supports to students to enhance academic achievement. These often not easily detectable affective motivators include a student‘s sense of self-confidence, resilience and belonging, etc. In this paper we continue our research exploring measuring engagement at the individual student level using data from the Student Orientation to School Questionnaire (SOS-Q) to focus on the relationship between student engagement and concurrent achievement in Grade 9 Mathematics. We also investigated past achievement data from multiple sources to assess the predictive power of both earlier standardized test data as well as teacher assigned marks for a cohort of Grade 9 students. Past achievement and student’s concurrent SOS-Q data were analysed via multiple linear regression to determine how student’s data can illuminate optimal pedagogical support strategies for addressing Math phobia and improving Mathematics achievement. Our findings indicate that Grade 8 teacher marks had the strongest predictive validity and strengthening a student’s External Resilience and Self-Confidence point to optimal holistic strategies for supporting students.