Dr. Mitchell Colp

Rocky View Data Solutions

Research Lead, Founding Partner


Mitchell is a Registered Psychologist who supports children, adolescents, young adults, and parents overcome the situational or ongoing challenges that impact their lives. He obtained his Ph.D. in Child Psychology from the University of Calgary and focused his research on how individuals bounce-back from significant life adversities. With experience gained from working in public and specialized educational settings, he functions as a private practitioner with The Family Psychology Place. Mitchell provides comprehensive psychological assessments to identify and then treat developmental and mental health challenges. 

When Mitchell is not performing psychological assessments or devising treatment plans, he can be found dawning many entrepreneurial, academic, and volunteer roles. He is a founding partner of Rocky View Data Solutions which supports school districts and health authorities measure the impact of their success and the fidelity of established programs for supporting children, youth, and families. Mitchell is a seasoned lecturer and Adjunct Assistant Professor with the University of Calgary who teaches coursework across Canada on psychological assessment, mental health intervention, research methodology, and statistics. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and presented community-based research initiatives at various local, national, and international conferences. Mitchell also sits as the Co-Chair for the School Psychology Committee of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, where he advocates for increased access to school-based mental health supports.


Speakers Session:

Leading Learning with Data: Attendance and Achievement

It is estimated that more than 100,000 students in Alberta are impacted by school absenteeism and are placed at significant risk of negative future outcomes, such as economic disadvantage and mental health challenges. Rocky View Schools launched the Attendance Innovation Campaign which aimed to educate communities, empower schools to utilize data, and eliminate barriers to student attendance through a system of tiered interventions. This approach to absenteeism was expected to increase attendance rates, academic achievement, school engagement, and collaboration between Rocky View Schools and local community agencies. The techniques, resources, and results of this initiative will be shared. A broader discussion about the process of getting good data into the hands of schools will be threaded through the presentation.