Jill Kowalchuk

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)

K-12 Education Advisor

Jill started her professional journey as a junior high social studies teacher, dedicating seven years to the classroom. She holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Toronto, and is now pursuing her PhD at the University of Alberta. Her research is all about understanding how Generative AI impacts teachers’ moral agency. Jill also plays a pivotal role at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). At Amii she is the K-12 Education Advisor, leading the AI in K-12 program. This program is all about empowering teachers and enhancing their AI literacy so they can better support their students. Jill's work is not just about understanding AI; it's about making it accessible, exciting, and a part of the learning journey.

Read more about Amii’s AI in K-12 Program here.


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Guiding Questions

As a result of participating in this pre conference, you will have the opportunity to address these learning outcomes through these guiding questions:

  1. How can artificial intelligence be leveraged to build effective relationships and advance practice and enhance and extend access to learning for all students?
  2. How can system education leaders ensure policies provide an ethical  frame for potential uses in ways that support inclusion, equity, decolonization and optimum learning?
  3. What risks, barriers and biases must system education leaders mitigate?
    • What are the ethical considerations related to AI in teaching and learning?
  4. How can system education leaders use AI to inform decision-making, realize efficiencies and improve operations? ( e.g., business administration, strategic/education planning).

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Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in this pre conference, you will have the opportunity to create the conditions for “optimum learning for all” through the following themes: (The following content was generated with the assistance of an AI language model, ChatPGP 3.5).

  • Fundamental Questions
    • Uncover the fundamental questions surrounding AI's influence on education and participate in discussions led by experts and system leaders.
  • Potential Benefits and Challenges
    • Gain insights into the potential benefits of AI in education while addressing the inherent challenges it brings.
  • Policy and Practice
    • Explore the implications of AI for policy and practice, paving the way for informed decision-making at various levels.

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